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Prof. Brent Adams receive MSE Distinguished Alumnus award

On Nov 20th Brent Adams, one of my personal scientific mentors, was visited Columbus to receive the MSE Distinguished Alumnus award. While it was good to see Brent and witness him being recognized by the entire MSE Faculty for his contributions to the research, it was bitter-sweet as well knowing that Brent has fully-retired from research/science and is spending his days answering a higher sipritual calling.  Brent had a profound impact on my research and how I view the process of performing science. Besides my Ph.D. advisor he was probably the person that shaped my research interests the most.

If you are not familiar with Brent's work his bio can be found here 


Brent Adams receiving MSE Distinguished Alumnus awardProf. Adams (BYU Emeritus) receives the MSE Distinguished Alumnus award from OSU MSE Faculty. From left to right Yunzhi Wang, Tyler Grassman, Stephen Niezgoda, Rob Wagoner, Brent Adams, Craig Przybyla (AFRL) … 

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